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Scott Tidal Fly Rod

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Product Description

scott-fly-rod-logo.pngScott Tidal Saltwater Fly Rod

Make the Hard Way a Little Easier

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Choosing a fly rod to fish the world’s saltwater species clearly isn’t the easy way. It’s the Hard Way. 

But, for those of us who pursue this challenge, the rewards come from our methods as much as our results.

Scott designed the Tidal saltwater fly rods to make the challenges a little less, well... challenging. Accurate presentations to cruising fish and good turnover into the wind are now easier than ever. These salt specific rods load quickly, generate high line speed with a relaxed casting stroke, and have ample power to control hard fighting fish.

Like all Scott fly rods, they’re handcrafted start to finish in our Colorado workshop by skilled rod builders using the best materials available. Tidal rods come in models to cover any species or situation you’ll encounter on the flats or open waters.

Take the Tidal series fly rods on your next saltwater adventure. They’ll make the Hard Way a bit easier… and might even make your guide smile, too

Each and every Tidal is handcrafted start to finish in Scott's shop in Montrose, Colorado by anglers who know fly rods.

  • Action Flex Profile: Fast
  • Recovery Speed: Fastest
  • X-Core Technology – Enhanced feel, incredible stability, and unequalled performance. X-Core combines the industry’s most advanced composite technologies with cutting-edge design
  • Multi-Modulus Design - fine-tuned flex and recovery
  • Connection: Sleeve Ferrule
  • Storage: Aluminum rod tube with protective sleeve
  • Four-piece travel design
  • Handcrafted in the USA in Montrose, Colorado
1. Scott Tidal 9' 6-Weight Saltwater Fly Rod
Great rod in the marsh for redfish, or on the coast for sea trout. And, for those in the know, a heck of a streamer rod from the drift boat on rivers.
  • Length: 9'0"
  • Line Weight: 6
  • Model: T906/4
  • 4-Piece Rod




2. Scott Tidal 9' 7-Weight Saltwater Fly Rod
Bonefish, schoolie stripers, and redfish beware. The Tidal 7 weight is the perfect tool to deliver flies to these saltwater favorites. This rod generates very high line speed and tight loops to deliver smaller flies accurately at any distance and to quickly land speedy fish.
  • Length: 9'
  • Line Weight: 7
  • Model: T907/4
  • 4-Piece Rod




3. Scott Tidal 9' 8-Weight Saltwater Fly Rod
The all around work horse of our Tidal saltwater series, this rod will handle most saltwater situations easily and effectively. It casts a wide variety of fly sizes, and is powerful enough to handle any bonefish, most permit, stripers, smaller jacks and inshore species.
  • Length: 9'
  • Line Weight: 8
  • Model: T908/4
  • 4-Piece Rod




4. Scott Tidal 9' 9-Weight Saltwater Fly Rod
When fish size, fly size or weight start to climb, reach for the Tidal 9 line rod. There is a noticeable jump in power over the 8 line rod both for casting big flies and controlling hard running and fighting fish.
  • Length: 9'
  • Line Weight: 9
  • Model: T909/4
  • 4-Piece Rod




5. Scott Tidal 9' 10-Weight Saltwater Fly Rod
Choose this rod to target Keys permit, bull redfish, big stripers, and smaller trevally and tarpon. This is a big game class rod designed to deliver large bulky flies and for pulling hard on fish that pull back.
  • Length: 9'
  • Line Weight: 10
  • Model: T9010/4
  • 4-Piece Rod




6. Scott Tidal 9' 10-Weight Saltwater Fly Rod
Scott's Musky-Pike special rod is optimized for 450 grain lines and HUGE flies. It’s fit with a long fighting butt to facilitate ‘stirring the pot’ at the boat when those big toothy fish follow the fly all the way in.
  • Length: 9'
  • Line Weight: 10
  • Model: T9010/4MP
  • 4-Piece Rod




7. Scott Tidal 9' 12-Weight Saltwater Fly Rod
Tarpon, trevally, and offshore species are easily handled with the Tidal 12. The rod of choice when raw power is the most important factor in your fishing success.
  • Length: 9'
  • Line Weight: 12
  • Model: T9012/4
  • 4-Piece Rod




Scott Technology 

Enhanced feel, incredible stability and unequalled performance. X-Core combines the industry’s leading composite technologies with cutting edge design. The diameter is proportional to stiffness and strength, and X-Core, or Expanded Core, technology delivers blanks that transmit feel and maintain stability better than any other design approach. 

Scott uses fast taper mandrels with low-mass, thin-walled blanks and proprietary ARC reinforcement to create rods that have stiffness with feel, and stability with sensitivity. This design helps the rod come alive in your hands. It’s a superior approach to the slow taper, thick walled designs that deliver stiffness at the expense of feel.
Multi-Modulus Design: 
Fine-tuned flex and recovery. Scott pioneered the use of multi modulus fiber lay ups in blank design. By varying the fiber tensile modulus along the length of the rod, they’re able to precisely control the stiffness and recovery speed of their blanks. The result is a rod that loads and unloads more smoothly.
Natural Finish:
Walk down a rod rack at your local fly shop and you'll notice something different about Scott rods. Like everything we do, the Scott Natural Finish is all about making your rod lighter, more durable, and better performing.

Most other rods on the shelf are run through a belt sander, tearing away the outside power fibers of the blank and introducing variance. Inadvertent flat spotting during the sanding process will weaken a blank, and blanks are designed with a margin of error to accommodate for over sanding. After the blank is sanded, a glossy paint is applied to add shelf appeal.

Natural finish blanks aren't subjected to the rip through the sanding belt, nor are they covered with heavy paint to add pop in your fly shop. The good people at Scott are firm believers in the natural beauty of graphite. A natural finish blank is built to exacting tolerances. Scott's advanced resin systems permeate the blank, leaving a durable finish that will stand up to years of abuse.


Warranty Information

From Scott: Scott fly rods purchased from an authorized dealer and registered within 30 days of purchase are guaranteed for life. That way you can fish worry free, knowing we have you covered. See our warranty page for full details.


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