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Rising Lippa4Life - Special Blend

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Rising Special Blend Lippa4Life

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The Special Blend Lippa4Life is lightweight, unbreakable, rust free, and 1/3 the cost of Rising's machined Aluminum version. Both utilize our proprietary internal compression spring and counter set stainless steel fastener, both are made 100% here in Utah, USA, and both make controlling and safely releasing fish easier. The Special Blend is our best selling Lippa4Life and a great way for anglers to try "lipping" and controlling fish in the water rather than netting, manhandling, or beaching the fish. It is an easy tool to use, and a simple concept - control the fish in the water by its jaw, remove the hook, and release the fish in the water. The same Brown trout that destroyed your 4" streamer to get hooked in the jaw in the first place does not mind the lippas holding it in the water, and it definitely does not get hurt. Far lower chance of hurting this fish with the Lippa than trying to land it without a net, or using an old cloth knotted net bag, or even using a new rubber coated net and holding the sucker out of the water for 2 minutes while you fumble with your cell phone to get a lame picture. Same goes for countless other species, but we just use Brown trout as an example because Trout are more delicate than most others and so if it works on a Trout it damn well will work on a Striper or a Muskie, plus that's what we primarily catch. See the release sequence below - Trout lipped and controlled in the water, while held in the water the attractive angler has time to get her pliers and easily clamp onto the fly for an easy release. In jeans no less!

  • Beveled Tips
  • Oval Jaws
  • Minimum Jaw Gap
  • Reinforced Spine
  • Custom Stainless Fastener
  • Custom Compression Spring
  • 4 Finger Loop
  • Rounded Edges
  • Leash Hole/Fly Tightener
  • Length: 8"
  • Weight: 2.49 oz.
  • Color: Composite Black




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