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Rio InTouch 24-Foot Sink Tip Fly Line

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  • Rio 24-foot Sink Tip Line
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Product Description

RIO 24-foot Sinking Tip Fly Line

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  • Ultra-low Stretch ConnectCore for Maximum Performance 

  • Easy Casting Body Section Eliminates the Characteristic Kick 

  • Density Compensated Tip for Fly Control

  • Smooth Casting Tapers That Are Easy to Cast 

Built with RIO’s ultra-low stretch ConnectCore Technology. A series of sinking tip lines specifically built for anglers that like a balanced casting rig. A unique, fatter body section eliminates the “kick” usually associated with casting sink tip lines; while the longer front tapers ensure the line does not dump on the forward cast. The supple floating body section allows anglers to easily mend and control the way the fly fishes, making it ideal for river anglers. Each line has a welded loop on the front end for easy rigging. 

  • ConnectCore: When you rely on touch to know what’s going on in the depths, line stretch is the enemy. Rio's ConnectCore lines open up new worlds of perception and sensitivity with ultra-low stretch performance. Soft, subtle takes become positive grabs, and without stretch to dull reaction times, hook sets are instant and sure. ConnectCore. The secret weapon for success.
  • Extreme Slickness: Every fly fisher is looking for a slicker line, and for good reason. Slicker line means longer casts, which is something all anglers strive to achieve. XS Technology is the latest development from RIO's lab coats that focuses on creating an ultra slick line, with dirt-repelling tendencies. XS (Extreme Slickness) Technology began when RIO's chemists began reformulating conventional chemical combinations. Although RIO's formulas were great, RIO scientists are fly fishers, and by definition they want an even slicker fly line - it's just part of the deal. So first, they tackled the polyvinyl chloride (PVC) coating and through intense scrutiny down to the polymeric mix level, (say that 10 times fast) they defined some fundamental limitations. Out went the old PVC/silicone formulas and by methodically adding a little more of this, a little less of that, and a pinch of secret sauce, the lab coats cooked up a completely new and improved recipe. With XS Technology, RIO has developed a fly line that is slicker, more stable, and far less apt to attract dirt, and paired with AgentX Technology, it engineers a line that is less dense, casts further and more accurately, floats higher, lasts longer, and offers more consistent performance cast after cast, strike after strike, fish after fish.
  • Density Compensation: The majority of modern fly lines feature a taper at the front end, which ensures that they cast smoothly and land on the water without too much impact. With sinking lines and sink tips, this taper creates a small problem; as the line gets thinner the amount of coating on it gets less. The coating is what makes a fly line sink, so as the coating is reduced, the sink rate slows down. Usually this means a tapered sinking line sinks in a curve - with the thicker, heavier and denser body section sinking faster than the tip - not good for controlling the depth, and especially not good for detecting atake, or setting the hook. RIO's Density Compensation adds a more dense material to the thin tip, which ensures the line sinks straight - better for knowing when a fish takes the fly, and far better for setting the hook. All RIO's premium tapered sinking lines and sink tips are Density Compensated.
  • Front LoopA neat, bullet-proof welded loop on the front end for fast rigging
  • Sizing: RIO InTouch 24ft lines are sold in "grain" weights; RIO recommends the following conversion to appropriate rod sizes:
    • 150gr = 5wt
    • 200gr = 6wt
    • 250gr = 7wt
    • 300gr = 8wt
    • 350gr = 9wt
    • 400gr = 10wt


  24-Foot Sink Tip 

Item #

Line Size

Total Length

Head Length

Sink Rate





100ft /30.5m

34ft /10.4m

Float 4.7 ips




100ft /30.5m

34ft /10.4m

Float 5.5 ips




100ft /30.5m

34ft /10.4m

Float 6.4 ips

Black/Hot Orange



100ft /30.5m

34ft /10.4m

Float 7.3 ips




100ft /30.5m

34ft /10.4m

Float 8.0 ips




100ft /30.5m

34ft /10.4m

Float 8.4 ips









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