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Scott SC Bamboo Fly Rod


Scott SC Bamboo Fly Rods are made of hand selected Tonkin Bamboo, the Scott SC bamboo fly rod is just for the fly-fishing art connoisseur. Great fly rods are made from a variety of materials. Whether built from graphite, fiberglass or bamboo, the key is bringing together material selection, design, and craftsmanship. Each material has its own characteristics, and bamboo can be used to create rods that stand the test of time for true performance and sublime beauty. Few pleasures compare to owning and fishing with the finest bamboo fly rods. The truly great ones are works of art and highly refined fishing tools. Scott SC rods are masterfully crafted with the finest components and traditions, and they push bamboo rod building technology forward. California Fly Shop is the first fly shop in the world to have the new Patagonia Rio Gallegos waders   in stock. California Fly Shop is a place for everyone to share their fishing experiences. Anglers of all levels learn the skills of our sport through our clinics and classes and then share those experiences with others around the fly tying table.