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Join the Angler Rewards Program

And get new gear FREE!

14954695727-7b9a0550d9-k-1-.jpgWe know how it works: you blow half a day casting around from site to site, looking for the best deal - it has to be out there somewhere. And then you compare: if I get free shipping from this site, no tax from that one and a free fly line from that guy on eBay, which gets me the best deal?

The best deal is right here: Angler Rewards

When you join California Fly Shop's Angler Rewards program you earn points for EVERY purchase - no matter how small.  It's free to join and your points never expire. Say goodbye to searching for emailed coupons and 60-day vouchers. Every point you earn is always available in your online account - ready for whenever you want FREE new gear.    


Five Opportunities to Redeem Points
(As Many Times as You Want)

Angler Rewards:

  • Get 10 Points for Every $1 Spent
  • Every Purchase Earns Points - Even Gift Certificates
  • Get 500 Points Just for Signing Up
  • Points Never Expire
  • Redeem Your Points Anytime


Redeeming points for free gear is easy: simply click the tab at the bottom of any page that says "Click for Rewards Points."


Select the reward level you're after and click the "Redeem" button. Once you're logged in, your free gear credit will automatically be applied to whatever is in your shopping cart.



Start earning points today with your next purchase. Register for an account now (and get an instant bonus of 500 points) or login to your existing account. As long as you are logged in your online purchases will automatically earn points. Even gift certificates you buy for other people will earn points for YOU! 

As soon as you've reached the first reward level, you can redeem your points any time, or build up your points for something big. Points can be used to get ANY GEAR from ANY BRAND in our online store, which makes this - hands down - the best fly fishing deal on the Internet. 

Start earning Angler Rewards points today and get your free gear! 


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