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Flycasters of San Jose


California Fly Shop
Angler Rewards Program 


California Fly Shop is proud to offer Flycasters of San Jose membership in our Angler Rewards Program. Membership normally costs $20 to join, but will be free for all current San Jose club members.

Here's how it works:

1. Come into the shop and let us know you are a member of the club

2. Give us your phone number and/or email address so we can register you in the Five Star system

3. Choose either a membership card or keyring card

4. Shop and receive the following benefits:

- 1 point for every $20 you spend

- Free rod & reel maintence

- Member-only access to sales and special offers


Redeem points for gift cards whenever you reach a reward level - or save them up!

10 points = 1 Free Waterproof Fly Box

15 points = $20 Gift Card

30 points = $40 Gift Card

45 points = $60 Gift Card

60 points = $80 Gift Card

75 points = $100 Gift Card

150 points = $250 Gift Card


Please Note: 

The Angler Rewards program is part of the Five Stars reward network. This means that if you are already a member of Five Stars, you can simply add us to your card on your next visit to the store. 
Gift cards do not Expire and cannot be redeemed for cash
Gift cards are good for in-store merchandise purchased at full price (no sale items & no internet purchases)
Gift cards cannot be redeemed for guides nor travel