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  • Red Floss
  • Blue Floss
  • Chartreuse Floss
  • Brown Floss
  • Yellow Floss
  • Orange Floss
  • Fuchsia Floss
  • Insect Green Floss
  • White Floss
  • Black Floss
  • Grey Floss
  • Olive Floss
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Product Description


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Flex-Floss comes in a hank about 8 inches long with 100+ pieces. It is used for bodies or as legs on many flies. Its relatively thin, strong, light and can be stretched. The big advantage it that is resists rot much better than normal rubber. Flex Floss is a key material used as rib, bodies on Chironomids, or wiggly legs and antennae. You can even string egg beads on it from salmon and steelhead. Use as a tough, stretchabe replacement for nylon floss.

Excellent for midge larva and pupa


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