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Echo Micro Practice Fly Rod

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  • Echo Micro Practice Rod

Product Description

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One of the greatest challenges of learning to cast is the issue of finding the room to cast. The Echo Micro Practice Fly Rod solves this problem with a rod you can cast anywhere - even inside your house! This is a great tool for refining your casting stroke or teaching others. Rope and yarn imitate the exact action of a full size fly rod, enabling you to perfect your casting motion and timing. The Practice Rod was designed to minimize the need for space without sacrificing rod action. The rod is perfectly balanced with the line and leader to force you to exaggerate the proper motions required to form a good cast. When used on a carpeted surface, you can practice roll casts and single-hand spey casts. The Echo Micro Practice Fly Rod acts and feels just like a standard fly rod, so transitioning from the practice rod to a real rod is simple. All this can be done from the comfort of your couch or even inside a crowded fly fishing shop!

Features of the Echo Micro Practice Fly Rod:

  • Two pieces
  • 4-Foot rod
  • Highly-visible line
  • Yarn leader
  • Instructive pamphlet on basic cast


There are 3 review(s) for this product

  • Teaching and Learning Aid

    by MSyn – 12th May 2015

    I bought this to teach and practice spey techniques. Lots of fun when you can't be standing in a river. It is especially helpful when watching instructional videos--the ability to try the cast while watching.

  • For everybody

    by Frank – 16th May 2012

    Perfect to teach anybody how to form a loop, and you can use indoor.

  • Great for practicing

    by Unknown – 27th Apr 2012

    When the weather gets bad and I can't get outside, I love to break out the micro practice rod and cast it around the house. I tag my kids with it, and the dog, but it's all yarn so no one minds too much.