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Echo Base Fly Rod & Reel Starter Kit

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  • Echo Base Kit - Complete
  • Echo Base Rods - Handles A & B
  • Echo Base Reel
  • Echo Base Kit - Case
  • Echo Base Rod Handle A
  • Echo Base Rod Handle B

Product Description

ECHO Base Starter Rod, Reel & Line Kit echo-logo.png

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How's this for value? A beginner's kit you can fish with for the rest of your life. 

The problem with many inexpensive beginner kits is that the components break easily - usually on fish. And suddenly you find yourself up a creek without a warranty. So while you may not be willing to invest a lot of money (and who could blame you) on buying a rod and reel for someone who is new to fly fishing, the question you have to ask yourself is this: how inexpensive is it if you have to buy it twice?

Regardless of experience, all fly fishers need a rod with enough strength and flex to cast a line across the water to catch and reel in a fish. ECHO rods are durably built and guaranteed for life. This means that while you may choose to buy more expensive rods in the future, you won't have to. This rod and reel starter kit will last for years of fly fishing, making it perfect for the hard-core fly fisher, and for those who are just getting started. 

This kit comes with almost everything you need to go fishing: rod, reel, fly line, backing, and leader - all packed in a convenient padded case. The only thing you'll need to complete your setup is some tippet and a few flies (call us for recommendations at 650-508-0727). All kit components have been selected for balance and fit by Tim Rajeff, one of the legends of fly fishing.

  • ECHO Base fly rod
  • ECHO Base fly reel
  • Hi vis ECHO floating weight forward fly line
  • Premium quality monofilament tapered leader
  • 20lb dacron fly line backing
  • Storage: Integrated rod/reel case with individual rod section sleeves and padded reel pouch
  • ECHO lifetime warranty   

Features of the ECHO Base Rods: 

Creating a travel rod that helps more people get into the sport of fly fishing was something that Tim Rajeff had waited a long time to do. ECHO Base rods blend performance and durability into a great looking design that will turn more than the fish's head. A beautiful gloss black blank and premium components wrapped around a forgiving Medium Fast action blank will help every new fly angler get the feel for a sport that will stay with them for a lifetime. Available in three trout sizes as well as an eight weight to cover salmon, steelhead, and saltwater species.

  • 4-piece travel design
  • Action: Medium Fast
  • Half wells cork handle on the 4, 5 and 6 weight models
  • Full wells cork handle with fighting butt on the 8 weightecho-base-reel.png
  • Tube: Fabric-covered rod case & sock
  • Guides: Chrome guides
  • Grips: Features two grip styles
  • Reel Seat: Black anodized seat
  • Warranty: ECHO Lifetime Warranty

Features of the ECHO Base Reels:

ECHO Base reels are designed to get you into the sport at a very reasonable price. But don't let the price lead you to believe it's short on features. The impact-resistant metal frame and impact-resistant resin spool are surprisingly strong, with a smooth, robust drag and stainless steel inner workings. They come in three sizes and match up perfectly with the ECHO Base rods. 

  • Maintenance-free Rulon disc drag with low start-up resistance
  • Backlash-free instant drag reaction
  • Durable, impact resistant metal frame
  • Drag knob positioning click
  • Audible outgoing click
  • One way roller clutch for instant drag reaction 
  • Warranty: 12-month Limited


1. ECHO Base Kit 8' 4-weight Get 1,700 Angler Rewards Points with this Purchase! Learn More

  • Length: 8'
  • Line Weight: 4
  • Weight: 3.4oz
  • Action: Medium Fast
  • Handle: A
  • Model: BASE-480




2. ECHO Base Kit 9' 5-weight Get 1,700 Angler Rewards Points with this Purchase! Learn More

  • Length: 9'
  • Line Weight: 5
  • Weight: 3.7oz
  • Action: Medium Fast
  • Handle: A
  • Model: BASE-590




3. ECHO Base Kit 9' 6-weight Get 1,700 Angler Rewards Points with this Purchase! Learn More

  • Length: 9'
  • Line Weight: 6
  • Weight: 3.9oz
  • Action: Medium Fast
  • Handle: A
  • Model: BASE-690




4. ECHO Base Kit 9' 8-weight Get 1,800 Angler Rewards Points with this Purchase! Learn More

  • Length: 9'
  • Line Weight: 8
  • Weight: 4.5oz
  • Action: Medium Fast
  • Handle: B
  • Model: Base-890





Rod Action vs. Power Comparison Chart



























Action vs Power Comparison

The Action vs. Power matrix is used for comparison between ECHO rod models. Utilizing this chart, you’ll be able to choose an ECHO rod that best fits you and your personal casting stroke. The vertical axis indicates the rod’s power, while the horizontal axis indicates the rod’s action. In simple terms, single-hand rod action is derived from the top half of the rod, while power is derived from the bottom half.

Fast action rods feature softer tips than medium action rods and provide a ‘stiffer’ feel. Fast action rods excel in the hands of anglers with more aggressive casting strokes and greater stroke control. Medium action rods are ideal for anglers with more fluid casting strokes and have a larger ‘sweet spot’ for a wider range of casting strokes. Consistently throwing a tailing loop? Your rod’s action may not be a good fit to you and your casting stroke.

A rod’s power is its resistance to flexing under load. Powerful rods are ‘beefier’ through the bottom half, generate higher line speeds, and are more adept at keeping big fish pinned. Delicate rods are more presentation-oriented, protect light tippet, and are a better choice for picky fish.

Warranty Information

ECHO Fly Rod Lifetime Warranty and Service: Rajeff Sports will repair or replace damaged and defective rods for the lifetime of the original owner. International customers (including Canada), contact ECHO directly for warranty information.


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