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R.L. Winston


Winston's Boron rods combine added line speed and extraordinary line-lifting capabilities with the wonderful "feel" you expect from a Winston. They provide unmatched power, without sacrificing smoothness and touch.

Boron is incredibly lightweight, yet five times as strong and twice as stiff as steel. By incorporating this proprietary material into their designs, Winston can build fly rods that are radically lighter and up to 25% stronger than those made from graphite alone.

Boron has higher compressive strength and flexural modulus than other fly rod materials which translates into finely tuned power-transfer tapers that produce an incredibly broad casting range. All to provide you with better performance, line control and accuracy at all distances.

California Fly Shop can help you decide which Winston will best fit your style, fishing conditions and budget. Winston rods we carry include: Boron IIIx, Boron III LS, Boron III SX,  and the Boron III Plus (checkout the new Jungle rod!). Call us at 650-508-0727 to talk to any of our pro staff about Winston rods.

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Questions? Call us at 650-508-0727.

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