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Surf Report by Jack Harrison

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The north pacific is awake. 

The last 3 weeks our coastline has seen constant rain, wind and massive winter swells. There's been more back-to-back giant northwest swells than I have seen in recent years. These massive NW swells are moving lots of sand around. Many of the beaches I guide have lost 3-6 feet of sand. 

While it's been too big to fish most days, the sand movement has created some new structure. The good news is that it looks like we are going to get a break from the giant swells, the long range forecast looks promising for week after Christmas through the weekend of January 10/11. 

The fishing before the swell came up was good and getting better. With all of the new structure and forecasted swell (or lack of), the fish will be easier to get to and the conditions much safer for fishing in the surf zone. These windows are important to capitalize on during our winter season here on the coast. The fish are always there in the surf but the surf doesn't always allow you to get to the fish. The wintertime can be an amazing time to consistently hook larger perch. You can bet I will be out there myself if I am not guiding. 

I've still got some available dates left: 12/27, 1/1. 1/2, 1/3 and 1/4. Book a 4-hour session if you'd like to start your new year fishing in the suds!

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