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Mid Holiday Drift by Hogan Brown

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Lower Yuba River - Flows are down to about 700cfs and clarity is good, nice green color with enough "color" to not be Gin Clear….really perfect color to be honest. Fish seem (at least the ones that are eating) seem to be concentrated as when I have been getting one fish I usually get more and in areas where I get none there seems to be no way to get any, change flies, depths, etc and nothing works. All my fish have been coming on nymphs or swung flies. Egg patterns, stonefly patterns, and attractor nymphs are working the best and anything olive and salmon smelt/alvin looking is best on the swing. There are a few bugs starting to show, the baetis are starting to hatch and the grey drakes are out as well. I have not seen any skwalas yet though so those are still on their way I imagine. I have not found any constantly rising fish but the hatches are pretty inconsistent as well so makes sense. Fishing is really settling into a traditional winter pattern and should remain good until the river blows out again. Winter is a great time to be on the Yuba as crowds are minimal and there are a lot of options. 

Lower Sacramento River - I have heard that Lake Shasta is muddy and the river from Redding down has only about a 1' of visibility. Gong to be a while I think.

Butte Creek - is in great shape. Flows are hovering around 250cfs which is a great flow to float or wade fish. Fish are spread out so covering water is key and some days can be good some can be tough. Typical Butte Creek trout/steelhead fishing. More rain should move some fish up. January is looking to be a great month on the creek. 

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