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Bolivia Fly Fishing

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Pluma Tsimane Lodge, Bolivia

Host: Xavier Carbonnet

It's a little remote: first you fly to Miami, then to Santa Cruz. Spend the night in town.

The next day it's a two-hour plane across the wilderness to the Amazon.

View of the Amazon from the Air

Land on a small airstrip carved out of jungle (by the Narcos) years ago. Meet your hosts, the Oromomo as you pass through the village and load up into the dugout canoes.

Traveling on the water for two hours, deeper and deeper into the heart of the Amazon forest - we're almost there.

This summer our travel adventures took us to one of the most remote and exotic destinations in the world, Tsimane Bolivia. Think luscious green jungle, a tropical forest in the foothills of the Andes, with clear mountain streams surrounded by giant granite boulders.

Riffles and deep pools abound, as do Macaw parrots, Toucans and butterflies of every unimaginable color. And, by the amount of fresh pawprints we saw every day, a very healthy population of mighty Jaguars.

We were in search of one of the most powerful freshwater fish, capable of powerful runs like King Salmon with the acrobatic prowesses of Tarpon.

Golden Dorado can grow up to 70 lbs and behave a lot like most salmonid species found in North America. The ever-changing behavior and mood of these fish make them unpredictable and challenging even for the most skilled anglers. Extremely shy and spooky in clear water streams, they would come gently to the surface to sip terrestrials. We also saw displays of extreme aggressiveness, as the Goldens hunted in marauding packs, attacking schools of baitfish with the ferociousness of a rabid dog.

The canoes drop you at the door of the brand-new Pluma Tsimane Lodge. It may be off the beaten path, but it's packed with everything you need for a glorious week of fishing: comfortable rooms, solar electricity, satellite wi-fi, knowledgeable guides and some of the best, handmade pasta you can find, made by Luciano, a brilliant young chef from Argentina.

The accommodations were spectacular in their simplicity and design, offering a level of comfort and luxury I did not think would be possible in such remoteness.

34lb of solid gold!

Oromomo boatmen distracted by attacking Dorado.

Mr. Lemein with a great fish!

Ms. Reynolds and another great fish!

Golden Dorado herding baitfish in the shallows.

A big Dorado soars over the river with baitfish in its mouth.

Tsimane is one of the greatest fly fishing adventures to be had. This trip is scheduled to take place again next year the week of August 6th, 2016. Call the shop to reserve your spot! 650-508-0727