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Hogan Brown's Fishing Reports & Ramblings - Post Storm Update

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So I have tied flies, updated the blog, did most of my christmas shopping, watched some TV…and I am going a bit crazy with none of the rivers in shape…

If you have been paying attention it rained a lot Thursday and Friday.

The Lower Sac outside of chico peaked at about 125,000cfs…that is the top of the levi…but is dropping fast. The release at Keswick kicked up to about 8000cfs but dropped very quickly back down to about 4500cfs. Clear Creek on the Sac is back down to about 290cfs after reaching over 3000cfs and Cow Creek is dropping from a peak of well over 25,000cfs down to about 2500cfs right now. No word on Clarity up through Redding but I assume it is pretty off color but clearing.

Butte Creek got up to about 5000cfs and is now dropping FAST in the last hour it has gone from 750cfs down to 671cfs. This big rain and push of water is exactly what the creek needed to clear out the channel and move some fish up the river. Butte Creek should fish pretty darn good this week as it drops.

The Lower Yuba River got kicked up to about 2600cfs but is currently dropping right now about 100cfs and hour (1800cfs right now). Deer creek peaked at over 2000cfs but has plummeted down to 82cfs as of right now and is still dropping. The Yuba should be in shape in the next few days as the river drops. Not a bad time to get out and swing some flies on the Yuba.

The Lower Feather River is in fair shape, flows are stable in the low flow but clarity is and can be and issue. I have not seen the river but I have heard it has some color. This last big storm should move any remaining fish up the river and any early winter fish as well. With the off color water and most of the salmon dead it is a good time and conditions to swing some flies.

What to expect…
There is rain forecasted today (Sunday) through Wednesday morning with a few showers Friday as well…Then the extended forecast shows clear weather until Dec 27. This time period is going to be a great window to get out fishing. Most of the rivers will drop into shape and have a bit of color for awhile. I do have some open dates during this time if anyone wants to get out.

Open Dates
Dec 23, 27-31
Jan 2, 4-10, 18, 19, 24, 25
Feb 8, 9, 14-15, 28

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