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Patagonia & The Snake River

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We are super proud of our relationship with Patagonia, a company that not only produces some of the best gear in fly fishing, but is always on the right side of important water issues. 

Patagonia is releasing a short film this week called Free The Snake that looks at the effects of four dams on the lower Snake River. The film, which comes from the producers of DamNation, represents the latest step in Patagonia's continued work with grassroots activists to put pressure on politicians in favor of removing these deadbeat dams.

You can watch the film here. NatGeo is also featuring it as part of their Short Film Showcase.

As part of the film’s launch, Patagonia is encouraging those who support healthy rivers to get involved in this campaign by signing their petition urging President Obama to remove the four lower Snake River dams. You may know that earlier this year, the DamNation filmmakers and a team from Patagonia delivered the first 70,000 signatures to the White House, while placing ads in Washington State media pushing for dam removal.

"Free the Snake is the latest example of Patagonia's heightened focus on rallying global support around critical backyard conservation initiatives. We’re drawing on two main sources of inspiration: the sports we love, which allow us to spend time in nature, and the grassroots activists working in their own communities to protect their piece of the planet, which Patagonia has supported for years through the grants program.

I’m proud of the work we do as a company, day in and day out, to fight for a healthier planet. Please take a look at the film when you have a chance." - Bruce Skinner, Patagonia

Take a look at the film, sign the petition and help us to remove these deadbeat dams!