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Fly Tying Day

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Fly Tying Day
December 5th
10:30am - 4pm
Cost: Free

Fly Tying Day is an interactive, low-key event, held every year at California Fly Shop. Uniquely constructed from basic elements: feathers, yarn, thread and hooks, finished flies range from frame-worthy artwork to killer bugs that trick fish into believing they're edible. The idea behind this event is to introduce fly tying to new people and enable experienced tyers to rub elbows and ask questions from the pros. Many attendees even bring notebooks and cameras to help them remember what they've learned.

Fly Tying Day is ideal for those who are interested in learning about the craft of fly tying, and for those who want to try new techniques. We have an amazing group of tyers with us for the day, the largest collection of talent outside of the Fly Fishing Show.

Our tyers:

  • Dan Blanton
  • Dave Kruss
  • Dave McCants
  • Gene Kaczmarek
  • John Ryzanych
  • Robert Davis
  • Hogan Brown
  • Ken Hanley
  • Ken Brunskill
  • Bill Scharninghausen
  • Brent Dawson

A great FREE event for the whole family, Fly Tying Day takes place in our shop:

California Fly Shop

985 Industrial Road, Suite 106
San Carlos, CA 94070