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The Fire Next Door

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Early on Valentine's day, we were awakened by the unwelcome sound of our shop alarm blasting a warning: there was movement inside the store. 

At 3:00 in the morning. 

We turned on the remote cameras to see a man wearing a headlamp and a giant coat walking slowly through the store, as if looking for something. 

I dialed 911.

Not a break-in but a fire, we were told. The man - now with several people - was walking through the store staring at the ceiling. Everyone was trying to locate the fire and keep it from spreading. 

Xavier rushed to the scene while I watched on the cameras, holding my breath. 

There are four businesses in this complex in a straight row with adjoining walls. A fire for one could easily become a fire for all. 

Firefighters from Redwood City, San Carlos, Belmont and San Mateo responded to the call. Although I could see smoke under our ceiling, the fire, which turned out to be next door at the Goetz Brothers, never made it through our shared wall. 

A week later we have smoke and water damage and have enormous dehumidifiers running constantly, but otherwise are fine. The noise is more laundromat than fly shop, but we are thankful to be here. 

The Goetz Brothers were only closed for a few days and have been hard at work getting their store back to normal and taking care of their clients - as are we.

So pardon our mess and our noise, we're a little disorganized and a lot grateful. 

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