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Angler Rewards FAQ

How do I join Angler Rewards?

Customers who checkout as a registered customer are automatically enrolled in Angler Rewards and their purchases earn reward points. Guest accounts do not earn points, so make sure to join the program by clicking here to create your account.

How do I earn points?

You get 500 points simply for joining the program and 10 points for every $1 spent (even more during special promotion periods). You can also earn points for referring your friends via email, Facebook and Twitter - 500 points for each friend who shops with us as a result of your referral. Earned points will be added to your account as soon as your items ships to you. If you return an item without replacing it with something of equal value, your points will be deducted at the same time we process your refund.

Note: shipping fees and taxes do not earn reward points. Points cannot be used to purchase trips nor guide services. 





Does it cost money to join Angler Rewards?

No. This program is totally free and your reward points never expire.

How do I redeem my reward points?

You must be signed in to your California Fly Shop account to redeem reward points. To get started, simply click on the "Click for Reward Points" button located at the bottom right hand corner of any store page:




A pop-up window will display the reward levels you have achieved. Select and click on the reward level you want to redeem and the amount will be instantly credited to your customer account. All you have to do next is shop for your new gear. When you checkout, your store credit will appear as a payment  option. Any amount leftover from your purchase will remain on your account for future purchases.



Do my Reward points ever expire?

No! Reward points stay on your online account forever and can be used whenever you achieve a redemption level. Spend them as you go, or save them up for a bigger purchase. It's up to you. 

Can I earn Reward points as a Guest?

You can only earn reward points when we know it's you - that means logging into your account whenever you shop with us. Logging in makes checkout a breeze, and once you have an account with us you won't need to enter your shipping information each time you buy.