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Airflo Super-Dri Giant Trevally Fly Line

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  • GT Line Color: Grey/Tan

Product Description

Airflo Super-DRI Giant Trevally Fly Line

50lb Core Aggressive Taper Line - Available in one size only: WF12

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When Airflo was first asked to develop this line, they asked themselves why anyone would need a 50lb test core in a fly line? Their testers in the Seychelles said they just did.

The ‘hit and hold’ style of GT fishing on a reef edge is fast and furious, putting a fly line under extreme pressure as you try to stop these ‘bad boys’ of the salt trying to disappear with your fly line. Ridge GT came through the test without any issues – proving the strength of our welded loops beyond any doubt.

  • Density: Floating
  • Taper: Aggressive Front Taper
  • Core: 50lb Power Core
  • Range: WF12
  • Coating: Super-DRI Ridged Tropical
  • Polyleader: Tarpon
  • Super-Dri Technology: Starting with their patented polymer, Airflo chemists formulated Super-DRI, a new material that repels water, dirt, and surface scum better than any material in the history of fly lines. New advances in Nano Material Technology has allowed them to make a line that floats better and shoots farther than ever before
  • Power Core: With only 6% stretch, Airflo's Power Core braid improves casting control, sensitivity and hook set
  • Ridge Technology: a unique ridged design that reduces the lines surface area in contact with the rod guides to reduce friction
  • Micro Loop: Micro loops blend into the main line giving smooth transition to your leader and protect your fly line from the effects of capillary action
  • 100% PVC free
  • Climate Control: Tropical (68˚ >100˚F) 
  • Color: Gray/Tan







Front Taper


Rear Taper

Running Line

Head Wt














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Airflo Technology

Super DRI: All lines claim to be higher floating than any other, but in Airflo's recovery speed lab test against all other market leading brands, Airflo Super-DRI fly lines had tip recovery speeds faster than any other line, proving that Airflo fly lines have a lower specific gravity than any of their competitors in any comparable line size.

  • Water Repulsion: Over the years, we’ve all greased fly lines to help them float higher; now imagine a line that would give you incredible water repulsion without ever having to treat the line again. Super-DRI takes fly lines to the next level with a permanent compound of ultra water repulsive PTFE (Polytetrafluoroethylene), which due to new advances in Nanotechnology, its smaller particle size prevents water absorption into the coating.
  • PTFE: Polytetrafluoroethylene (C2F4)n – The lowest coefficient of friction known to man, so the benefits to line speed and casting performance go without saying.


AF_SuperDri Recovery rate diagram 2017


Power Core: You’ll be more impressed with the line's incredible suppleness and handling performance even in the harshest of conditions. With only 6% stretch, Airflo's Power Core braid improves casting control, sensitivity and hook set.



Ridge Tech: The concept is simplicity itself. Airflo's unique ridged design reduces the lines surface area in contact with the rod guides. Consequently friction levels are vastly improved when compared to other lines on the market. Our ridges are also incredibly tough for long term durability.

100% PVC-FREE: The original “PVC Free” Polymer coated fly lines, we at Airflo utilize solvent free Polyurethane as the base material in all our fly lines. When we originally researched our coating technology over 20 years ago, we wanted the best possible fly line material available. A coating that would be stronger than our competitors, could resist DEET and ultimately fight off the long term effects of UV. Polyurethane provided us with this and much, much more.

Micro Loop: The ability to fuse Polyurethane post production led to the development of Micro Loops. Showing no visible signs of a step down, Micro loops blend into the main line giving smooth transition to your leader and protect your fly line from the effects of capillary action.


Climate Control: Even though all Airflo lines are made from the same base material, polyurethane, not all of their fly line coatings are the same.  In fact, they come in a variety of grades or hardness’s which determine how the line will perform in a variety of temperatures. Airflo selects coatings that best suit the environment in which they will be used, each having its own merits and optimum temperature range in which they perform best. To help establish which line you require, they have developed a temperature chart that highlights the working temperature range for each of their lines.

airflo-climate-tech-tropical.jpg  airflo-climate-techstandard.jpg   airflo-climate-tech-ultrasupple.jpg    


Warranty Information

All Airflo lines come with a 28 day satisfaction guarantee and a 5 year non-crack warranty.


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