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Trade In Program

A closet full of nothing-wrong-with-it-except-I-never-fish-with-it-anymore gear. We know how you feel! Get the value out of your unwanted gear by having us sell it for you on eBay. From researching the value to writing the listing, answering questions and handling the shipping, we have the experience to know what it takes to get you the best price for your gear... More


We all know how it works, you waste half a day hopping around from site to site, looking for the best deal - it has to be out there somewhere. And then you compare: if I get free shipping from this site, no tax from that one and a free fly line from that guy on eBay, which gets me the best value? Angler Rewards gives you points for every purchase and your points never expire... More

Adventure Travel

We're not travel agents, we are adventure travelers and we take small groups of anglers with us all over the world. So whether you want to go to Ascension Bay, Alaska, or Argentina (and that's just the As), check out our favorite excursions. In addition to making sure you arrive at the perfect destination, we'll make sure you have the right gear with you when you get there... More

Learn to Fly Fish

So, you want to get into fly fishing and mom and dad didn't teach you? Or perhaps you've been enjoying spin-casting and now want to try fly fishing? Great! We have the school for you: San Francisco School of Fly Fishing. From the introductory Fly Fishing 101 to Beginning Fly Tying, we'll get you started. You'll have to get to the beautiful San Francisco Bay Area to attend the class, but we're pretty sure you'll consider that a small price to pay for a lifetime of fly fishing... More

About Us

California Fly Shop is determined to take the mystery out of fly fishing. Whether you're new to the sport or an experienced angler, there are two elements we see in everyone: a love of the outdoors and curiosity about fly fishing gear - especially the new stuff. Not everyone is lucky enough to have a fly shop in their town and this site was built for them - for you. Our pro staff have a combined experience of over 150 years of fly fishing and we have our 800 number listed on every page of this site. We know no matter how much information we provide, you're going to have questions and we want to make it easy for you to ask...More


California Fly Shop is constantly on the prowl for news, new videos, fish pictures and fishing tales to share with you. This is where we keep them. And if you have something to share, send it to karen at californiaflyshop dot com. We have almost 11,000 followers on Facebook and pages on Google Plus and Flickr. Let us show the world your latest fishing conquest... More

Welcome to California Fly Shop

California Fly Shop has been in business for over 25 years. From our humble roots 25 years ago to the 4,500 square foot store we have today, our focus has been on preparing our customers to fly fish the world. And while California has lots of blue ribbon water in our backyard, our customers and Pro Staff regularly travel to South America, the American West, Alaska and even Europe. We carry all of the major brands, most of whom still build their products in the USA. From Hatch and Galvan reels, to Sage, Winston and Scott rods, to bags, waders and clothing from Patagonia and Simms, we have the gear you need to go fishing. Fly fishing on stillwater? We have pontoon boats and float tubes to get you safely across the lake.

Is saltwater more your game? We carry the Sage Salt and NRX series from G. Loomis with reels to match. Looking for good-quality fly lines to match your rig? Call us and let us help you choose the right one. Buying fly fishing gear should be fun, and it shouldn't involve any guesswork. The best way to know you're getting what you really need is to ask someone who knows. California Fly Shop, we'll always treat you like a local.